We do not issue refunds if you miss the boat. You should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure. We leave on time and will not hold the boat for you! Please plan accordingly.  Traffic can be slow near the racetrack during August.

Cruises may be cancelled if they fail to reach 6 passengers or may be moved to the pontoon boat “Kaydeross”. We reserve the right to change vessels as required and cancel any cruises. By purchasing this ticket you have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth at www.adkcruise.com and listed below.

Cruises may be changed or cancelled due to weather at the Captain’s discretion. Tours that return early will be prorated. Tours that are canceled by the company will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for a no show. By making a reservation and/or purchasing a ticket you have agreed to the terms of our policies. Groups and charters that make a reservation and decided not to sail within 30 days will charged the full rate of charter and will lose your deposit. Your reservation is a binding contract and payment will be required. Tickets for public cruises are not refundable or exchangeable. The boat is fully covered! We do not issue refunds for rain or if it’s cloudy, we will still sail unless the weather is unsafe aboard the “General Schuyler”. Cruises aboard the pontoon boat “Kaydeross” are weather dependent and may be cancelled prior to sail time and tickets will be refunded or rebooked. The weather often changes quickly here and we may wait until close to departure time to make a sailing decision. Sail times may be delayed to let the weather clear. Decision to sail is at the Captain’s discretion. If we sail and you choose not to go, your ticket will not be refunded. If you DO NOT HEAR from us or receive a cancellation email, we are planning to sail. You do NOT need to call us to see if we are sailing.